The Club is governed by a committee elected annually at the annual general meeting. The officers for 2024-2025 are as follows:

PositionHolderContact Me
ChairJack AtkinsonEmail
SecretaryPatrick Sinnett-SmithEmail
TreasurerNick TileyEmail
Records OfficerLydia Sinnett-SmithEmail
Equipment OfficerVacantEmail
Field CaptainAlvaro ArteagasEmail
Tournament OrganiserJack AtkinsonEmail
Safeguarding OfficerAlehandra NajeroEmail
Club CoachVacantEmail
WebmasterMatthew WrightEmail
Social SecretaryVacantEmail
Other MembersAlejandra Najero
Seb Allouis

The Committee

The committee is responsible for the running of the club. They meet regularly (approx. bimonthly) to discuss matters with further communication in-between. They are elected annually at the club AGM and all positions are open to any member of the club. Further details can be found below, or in the constitution and members’ handbook.

Minutes from Annual General Meetings and general Committee Meetings are made available to all club members and can be reviewed online here.


The chair is responsible for overseeing the running of the club, chairing meetings, and coordinating the other officers on the committee. They are also responsible for keeping members updated with the goings on in the club.


The secretary is responsible for club organisation and administration. They take minutes at meetings, contact members on important matters, affiliate members, and maintain the club documents.


The treasurer is responsible for the club finances. They oversee all income and expenditure, budgeting, insurance, and make recommendations on fees and club spending to the rest of the committee.

Records Officer

The club records officer maintains a list of club score records. They also collect scores from members to administer club awards and classifications.

Equipment Officer

The equipment officer is responsible for overseeing, maintaining, and repairing the equipment of the club. This includes bosses, club bows and arrows, and safety equipment. They also ensure the sheds are kept tidy and that we remain well stocked with target faces and other bits and pieces.

Field Captain

The field captain is responsible for overseeing day-to-day shooting; ensuring members are safe and running sessions (or arranging a deputy to do so). They are the main point of contact for new members and arrange for their assessments. Finally, they are also responsible for arranging club fun-shoots throughout the year.

Tournament Organiser

The tournament organiser is responsible for arranging and running any competitions the club hosts. This is primarily the open Summer WA720 tournament, but also includes the Town vs. Gown match and any other event the club may host.

Club Coach

The club coach is in charge of all coaching matters in the club. This ranges from organising and leading beginners’ courses to supporting archers with further development through additional club coaching sessions and progression awards schemes. They should be at least a Level 1 qualified coach.


The webmaster is responsible for the electronic matters of the club. This primarily involves maintaining the club website, but also covers the email accounts, mailing lists, and Golden Records.

Junior Representative

The junior representative can be either a junior member of the club or one of their parents. They are there to represent the needs and views of the junior division of the club.

Safeguarding Officer

The safeguarding officer is responsible for all safeguarding issues within the club. They are there to provide advice about the wellbeing, safeguarding and protection of young and vulnerable people, promoting good practice,

Note that this a co-opted position, not elected.

Social Secretary

The social secretary is in charge of organising non-shooting (and also sometimes shooting) events for club members. These allow members to mix in a non-shooting setting and get to know one another doing something other than archery. They also facilitate mixing between new and experienced members to support integration into the club.

General Positions

In addition to the roles listed here there are spaces for a further two general members on the committee. They are there to provide assistance to the other committee members and bring additional perspectives to the committee.