The real reason to go to the World Archery Weekend

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Whilst we sent some members to shoot at the county champs, and even won a few prizes, the biggest winner of the day was secretary Patrick who won a flight in a Tiger Moth in the raffle. Read about his experiences below.

You’ll by now have read the tournament report with tales of sportsmanship, taking part and lively competition. All that is well and good, but the real reason to go is the raffle. The Peacock raffle has the usual collection of unwanted novelty gifts, strange bottles of wine and toiletries left over from Christmas, but the star prize is a flight in a Tiger Moth.

I wasn’t competing but had popped in to see how CCB folk were doing. Lydia’s number came up and she found she had won the star prize. Since the shoot was on Father’s Day my delightful daughter decided that Dad would quite like the flight and handed it over to me.

On August 6th I turned up at Cambridge Airport to take the flight with my friendly host (and Peacock Archer) Ed.
After a briefing on what the controls do (including keep your hands off) and instructions on what to do if the plane flips over during a crash) we ready to go in our flattering white helmets.

Key points: it’s very noisy and very windy but a fabulous view and a great experience. Ed took me over Cambridge and out to where I live and then onto Wimpole Hall, then back (we only had 30 minutes)

In Conclusion go to the 2023 WA weekend and buy raffle tickets (and maybe shoot a few arrows).