CCB at Oxford Team Challenge

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On Sunday the 29th August two CCB compounders, Lydia and Jack, entered the Oxford Archer’s Mixed Team Challenge. This competition is a rare event presenting an opportunity to shoot the World Archery mixed team format which sees a team of two archers, one female, one male, shoot head-to-head knockouts against other teams.

Our intrepid CCB mixed compound team.

After an unreasonably early start from Cambridge to make it to Oxford for 8:30am our archers shot the ranking round. The results were somewhat underwhelming, but it was the first competition in a very long time!

This was followed by head-to-heads. Whilst compound teams were thin on the ground our archers finished in third place, bested by two teams of GB archers. Both had a enjoyable day out; it was good to get back to competing and see some familiar faces including Finn the buhund.

A totally representative end from the team head-to-heads
Furry friend Finn

Full results can be found on ianseo.