CCB starts shooting!

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Well, it’s been a while since the website had an update! Like most things, CCB got put on hold by the pandemic. Then our ground made the decision to stay closed for all of summer, making us temporarily homeless. Some shooting was provided through the kindness and generosity of Peacock Archers, for which we are very grateful. But in the background, the committee was hard at work looking for our own ground.

Setting up the field at Girton under a threatening sky…

On Friday 21st, we ran a “test session” at Girton, and are pleased to announce that everything went very smoothly, and club shooting can now resume at our new temporary home! Huge thanks to the team at Girton College, including the Bursar, the Groundsman and the Porters, who have all been incredibly helpful and accommodating and have got us set up with a beautiful field for the remainder of summer. While the winter season remains in flux at the moment, we are confident that we will have a field for shooting in some capacity throughout the rest of the year (barring a second wave…)

See below for some photos of the field, the committee doing some thorough testing, and the first arrow shot at Girton by someone in a CCB shirt (rumours that there were arrows shot before this by people not in club colours are Fake News ). Amazingly, even the weather gods smiled on us and we stayed dry!