Competition Success

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CCB archers have been active and successful in Ely and Oxford

As a club we encourage our members to compete by refunding your entry fees (you have to be listed as a CCB member on the target list, you need to actually compete and you need to send the results list to treasurer and secretary to get your refund)

Ely Archers Open Portsmouth on 17th November.
Anke Hannemann, Fran Nichols and Richard Brasher competed.

Recurve Ladies Single Portsmouth : Anke 2nd, Fran 4th

Recurve Ladies Double Portsmouth: Anke 1st, Fran 3rd
CCB came 4th in the team competition

Full results here

Oxfordshire Archery County Championships 25th November

Lydia Sinnett-Smith competed for CCB and came 3rd in the Ladies Compound Ranking round and the Open Head to Head matches behind a GB squad member and her coach (Grand Master Bowman). Dad went along as bag carrier, photograph taker and as it turned out agent for a disabled archer.
Full results here

BTW- if competing its worth wearing a CCB shirt, they really stand out on the line.

On Sunday 2 December, 3 CCB archers compete in the Archery GB Indoor National Championships. This is the premier indoor tournament in the UK. Good Luck to Jack Kelly, Anke Hannemann and Lydia Sinnett-Smith. Good luck to Charlotte too, entered from her previous club.

[Photos courtesy of Ely Archers and Alastair Leiper (Oxford)]